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GSV Expands Operations to Meet Growing Demand for Armoured Vehicles

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In response to the escalating demand for armoured vehicles in South Africa, Global Specialised Vehicles (GSV) has relocated to a larger and more advanced facility, just a few buildings away from its previous premises.

GSV director Yusuf Saber said the move signifies the company’s commitment to accommodating increased production demands, improving operational efficiency, and better serving its expanding client base with enhanced facilities and resources.

The new property in Germiston spans over 6000m2, providing ample space for GSV to ramp up production and meet the surge in demand.

“GSV can confidently say that the number of vehicles armoured are increasing by the day. GSV has seen a significant increase of about 75% since last year,” said Saber.

He said the demand for discreet armoured vehicles was a result of increased security threats and crime in SA.

“With the rising kidnappings of prominent businessmen, and high-profile individuals, armoured vehicles have gained popularity and play an important role to enhance personal security, and protect against these threats, keeping individuals safe and protected at all times,” said Saber.

GSV transforms ordinary vehicles into a discreet luxury armoured vehicles protecting occupants against the most severe threats and ultimately saving lives. Modern technology and engineering make it possible for civilians to feel safe and are protected in their own luxury vehicles. GSV’s advanced production capabilities, rapid vehicle delivery, and an extensive range of vehicle solutions make the company the perfect partner for any automotive security need.

GSV CEO Ettiene De Klerk said the latest advancements in armoured vehicle technology include lightweight ballistic materials, advanced composite armour, enhanced blast protection, integrated surveillance and countermeasure systems, and smart vehicle technologies.

GSV is integrating these innovations by:

  • Lightweight Materials: Utilising advanced composite materials to reduce the overall weight of the vehicles while maintaining high levels of protection.
  • Enhanced Blast Protection: Implementing cutting-edge designs and materials that offer superior protection against improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and landmines.
  • Integrated Surveillance Systems: Equipping vehicles with advanced cameras, sensors, and radar systems to provide 360-degree situational awareness and early threat detection.
  • Smart Vehicle Technologies: Incorporating features like automated emergency response systems, GPS tracking, and real-time communication networks for improved coordination and safety.
  • Advanced Countermeasure Systems: Installing active defence mechanisms such as electronic jammers and smoke screens to neutralise threats.

“By incorporating these technologies, GSV ensures our armoured vehicles remain at the forefront of security and protection, meeting the evolving needs of our clients,” said De Klerk.

GSV’s reputation as a leading armour manufacturing company in South Africa is built on its advanced engineering, high-quality craftsmanship, custom solutions tailored to individual needs, and a strong track record of reliability and customer satisfaction.

“As we look to the future, GSV plans include expanding our product range with innovative security technologies, entering new international markets, and constantly and consistently enhancing our manufacturing capabilities to meet growing demand for armoured vehicles,” added Saber.



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