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An array of protective solutions

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Durban-based company Imperial Armour displayed an array of its well-known protection products at Securex 2024 last week, from the Armadillo anti-riot suit to an anti-stab farmers jacket.

According to chief executive Louisa Garland Els, 2024 started with a bang for Imperial Armour, with orders in January for demining aprons from Libya. This was followed by riot equipment for Malaysia and first-responder structural bunker suits ordered by Botswana.

The company has also completed an order for another African customer, the Nigerian Police, who received body armour products.

For South Africa’s national and provincial elections on 29 May this year, Imperial Armour supplied a large quantity of body armour and ballistic plates for the protection of security guards across the country.

The company’s anti-riot Armadillo is a well-established product, designed for high-threat riot control situations. Combining lightweight flexibility and comfort, it offers substantial protection from blunt force trauma. It can be ordered with Imperial Armour’s hard torso suit that has a shock breaking point of 900 kg. The vest has additional plate pockets to accommodate NIJ Level III and NIJ Level IV stand-alone plates.

In fact, Imperial Armour’s products, manufactured in South Africa, are tested and certified to the United States National Institute of Justice (NIJ) international standards at an accredited independent testing laboratory.

The company’s fire and rescue products, like the structural bunker fire suit, conform to national fire protection association (NFPA) standards.

At the Securex 2024 exhibition, Imperial Armour showed its new farmers jacket. At first glance, the sleeveless vest looks exactly like the body warmers worn by all and sundry on the street. However, it is designed as a lightweight and breathable vest for farmers with bullet proof protection at the same time. Its quilted body warmer material allowing full freedom of movement disguises the body armour, which affords NIJ Level II and Level IIIA protection against knife stabbing or shots from firearms.

Imperial Armour prides itself on almost 25 years of manufacture and supply of personal protection equipment. It has been exporting these products to 78 countries worldwide, from Africa to Europe and Asia, as well as to the United Nations.



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