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Mi7 National Group threatens legal and criminal action against competitors for ‘WhatsApp sabotage’

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The Mi7 National Group has threatened legal and criminal action against “individuals linked to competing companies” for allegedly sabotaging its WhatsApp channels.

Mi7 CEO Shadrach Karien said a WhatsApp number managed by its control room was unexpectedly banned two weeks ago.

“Our newest Control Room WhatsApp line, which was put in place shortly after the initial bans, was again banned on 21 April, after a week, and following several additional reports of spam. Furthermore, we have faced additional challenges as our emergency and main office numbers have been wrongfully reported as spam on caller identification apps like TrueCaller.”

“We now understand that these bans are the result of deliberate sabotage carried out by individuals linked to competing companies. Our investigations have identified the parties responsible for these spam reports.”

“These individuals did not stop at getting our number banned; they proceeded to spread false rumours directly afterward, claiming that Mi7 was shutting down operations in certain areas – evidenced by the removal of the Control Room from community WhatsApp groups,” he explained.

Karien said the alleged sabotage was “a concerted, and intentional campaign.”

“The malicious actions compromising our WhatsApp communications not only put lives at risk but also hinder our response to urgent medical emergencies and ongoing crimes, directly threatening people’s assets and livelihoods. We urgently call for an immediate cessation of these activities. We are addressing these malicious attacks head-on by initiating legal actions and engaging with the Cyber Crimes unit. We will not rest until these perpetrators are dealt with decisively,” he said.

He said the control room was no longer available on WhatsApp.

“Since March 2021, Mi7 National Group has leveraged WhatsApp to enhance community safety by facilitating rapid communication for emergency responses and crime prevention. Our dedicated Control Room has monitored over 120 groups in the Midlands and Port Shepstone, significantly aiding in swift emergency action and reinforcing community trust during crises.”

“Our active participation has directly contributed to saving numerous lives during medical emergencies by ensuring that critical assistance is dispatched without delay. Additionally, our timely intervention has led to the arrest of many criminals, thanks to immediate reactions to distress messages communicated through these groups.”



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