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South Africans embrace innovative security systems despite tough economic times

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Despite the ongoing economic challenges in the country, South Africans are displaying remarkable resilience by prioritising their security needs. While cutting down on household and various business expenses, they are steadfast in safeguarding their properties and communities by adopting affordable technological solutions.

The booming private security industry reveals South Africans’ unwillingness to compromise safety and their preference for affordable, comprehensive protection.

In a time where every Rand counts and the South African population is tightening its budget, the commitment to maintaining security measures remains unwavering.

Manhar Parshotam

We have received numerous queries from homeowners and business owners since we launched our latest surveillance products.

In the current economic climate of South Africa, characterised by high crime rates and other challenges, it is essential that consumers make informed decisions when investing in products.

A couple of years ago, understanding surveillance products was not easy for consumers, and often reserved for the privileged.

In light of the civil unrest experienced in 2021, fears persist, and communities remain on edge due to the ongoing incidents of infrastructure sabotage and violent crime. Therefore it comes as no surprise that today, almost every other household and business premises has adopted some form of surveillance product.

The SA Police Service annual performance report revealed that there are not enough boots on the ground, another factor that will surely leave citizens feeling vulnerable.

This shortage of law enforcement officers has left many citizens feeling exposed, leading them to turn to the private security industry for protection and peace of mind. Regardless of the causes of the shortage, the consequences are clear: longer response times, reduced police presence in our country, and a sense of insecurity.

Of course, homeowners and businesses will do whatever it takes, including embracing tech solutions, to protect themselves. In this vacuum of public safety, the private security industry and its products have emerged as a reliable and trusted alternative for many individuals and businesses.

Manhar Parshotam is the founder of Dragon Protection Services.



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