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Vumacam partners with Hatfield CID to keep community safe

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Vumacam has its eye all over the Hatfield City Improvement District (CID) in Tshwane.

One of SA’s leading provider of video surveillance and management solutions, Vumacam on Tuesday announced it had partnered with Hatfield CID to bolster community safety and security.  

It assumed full management of the Hatfield network through Centr – one of Vumacam’s operations that offers clients off-site monitoring support – from 6 June  

The integration of the advanced technology is already showing results with 1763 reads, 82 escalated alerts, 47 dispatched incidents, and two vehicle impounds.

The collaboration will empower the Hatfield CID to leverage Centr’s expertise in First Line Verification (FLV) alerts, seamlessly integrating them into their control room operations for swift response by on-the-ground security teams.

Lucas Lückhoff, CEO of the Hatfield CID, said the integration of Vumacam’s cutting-edge technology into the surveillance operations will streamline our processes and enhance Hatfield CID’s ability to uphold safety and security within the community.

“We are proud to join forces with Vumacam as part of the broader SafeCity network, demonstrating our commitment to combatting crime not only in our immediate vicinity, but also across the Tshwane area. Hatfield is a living laboratory where world-class systems are deployed and tested for the benefit of the capital. Students at the Hatfield Campus of the University of Pretoria and residences in the Hatfield precinct will be the beneficiaries of this world-class technology to improve safety and security. It will greatly assist law enforcement in the area.”

Michael Varney, Chief Commercial Officer for Vumacam, highlighted the immediate impact of the collaboration.

“This partnership will effectively double the reach of the SafeCity network in Tshwane, with the integration of 18 Licence Plate Recognition Cameras and 51 oversight cameras. Our FLV offering through Centr  revolutionises private network surveillance, providing unparalleled efficiency and situational awareness to our partners. We look forward to the Hatfield CID benefiting from our advanced technology first-hand, just as our partners in major metros across South Africa have done.”

He said Centr offers clients the capability to harness off-site monitoring capabilities, leveraging advanced AI and expert oversight to enhance existing control room operations.

“The SafeCity Initiative, powered by Vumacam, represents a collaborative effort between public and private stakeholders to combat crime comprehensively across urban landscapes. Since its inception in Johannesburg in 2022, the initiative has expanded to Ekurhuleni, Tshwane and, more recently, Saldanha Bay. The initiative leverages Vumacam’s extensive network of cameras and smart technology to identify and effectively respond to suspicious activities.”

Varney emphasised the proactive approach behind Vumacam’s technology.

“Our behaviour-based algorithms have proven instrumental in preventing a range of serious crimes, from kidnapping to assault and theft, without compromising individual rights to privacy. Through this initiative, we aim to provide peace of mind to both our partners and the public, ensuring a safer South Africa for all.”



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