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SAPS issues armoured vehicle tender for Special Task Force

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The South African Police Service (SAPS) has issued a tender for the conversion of a Nissan Patrol 5,6 V8 LE Premium, or similar type of vehicle to armoured for the Special Task Force’s visible policing and operations division.

The bid, 19/1/9/1/124 TV (23), has a closing date of 10 June.

According to the particulars in the tender document, the contract is for two years and the SAPS will provide the vehicle.

“The armouring must be as light as possible but be B6 compliant and be upgradable to STANAG level 1 on all vertical sides to stop the following calibre bullets and all 1 lesser threats: a) 5,56 x 45 mm Nato Ball Lead core (R4, RS); b) 7,62 x 39 mm Ball Mild Steel Core (AK-47); c) 7,62 x 51 mm Nato Ball Lead Core (R1); d) 7,62 x 39 mm API (AK-47).”

The floor and roof must be armoured.

There must be a multilayer transparent armoured windshield with a no-spall; an inner layer to protect occupants against glass spatter to windows, doors and roof, and multilayer transparent armoured windows and doors.

“The side windows must be able to slide down halfway into the door. Hinges and lifters must be custom made and reinforced for all doors. Fuel tank, radiator, battery, and firewall must be ballistic protected. Communication jacks for intercom system must be installed. Three fire extinguishers to be provided and fitted in easily to reach places.”

The armouring must give a good ergo-metric internal height.

“The armoured conversion must not hamper nor impair the driver’s ability to handle the vehicle safely and with ease. Heavy-duty shocks and adjustable air-suspension system must be fitted. Heavy-duty torsion bars/ shafts must be fitted. Reinforced front sway bars must be fitted.”

The tender document states that there must be a high-performance brake – custom-made brake rotors to disperse heat effectively and to accommodate the additional weight of the armour; and high-performance brake pads to maintain brake performance with high heat at high speed.

The SAPS said it will not provide any materials for the conversion and that all spare parts must be readily available in the country.

The first completed unit will be considered a prototype.

“Members of Division Supply Chain Management, Vehicle Fleet Management and · Division Visible Policing and Operations of the South African Police Service will subject all materials, workmanship, and construction to inspection and acceptance.”



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